Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Eyeshadow Primers

Eyeshadow Primers

Have you ever gone to work with makeup on and after a few hours you look
at yourself in the mirror and see that your eyeshadows have all creased
and your eyeshadows are all one muddy color now?
Well with an eyeshadow primer on your lid that wouldn't have happened. There are
many different ones on the market, from really inexpensive ones to really pricey ones.

Now I have not tried any of the inexpensive ones YET but I soon will and will give you my opinion
but for now I'll just show you what I know of that's out there.

Elf eyeshadow primers are around $3.00
everyone on YouTube seems to only say
great things about it. So for me
it's a definite must try. 

Nyx HD Eyeshadow base is $9.99
Read a lot of reviews on this one as well and a lot of people enjoy it.

Also Loreal has one that I have not been able to find yet called L'Oreal
De-Crease Eye Shadow Base. This one goes
for around $7.99. The reviews I have read aren't
all that great but what doesn't work for some might
work for you.

This Urban decay eyeshadow primer makes your eyeshadows last all day, makes the colors brighter, and all that with no creasing!
Apply it to your lid just a small amount will go a long way , then apply your eyeshadows as usual, it drys fast so you have to make sure to work it in quick but once the silicone based primer is on, your eyes turn silky and smooth.
I got it at Sephora for about $20.00 plus taxes.Went home and used it
and it does as its advertised. It's one of my favorite eyeshadow primers now.

MAC Paint Pot

Mac Paint Pots work great as Eyeshadow primers too.
They are dryer then UDPP, you  just have to work
with it a little bit faster. They come in all sorts of colors and
if you wanted to use it as a primer and not a creme eyeshadow
I would choose one that's closest to your skin tone.
They go for around $20.00 plus taxes.
A little goes a long way, you will have it for a long time and
it works really well!

Here are some swatches

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