Sunday, February 13, 2011

What Color Eyeshadows To Use?

To make this easier on yourself and I go to your local arts and crafts store and buy a "Color wheel" lol there 5 bucks if not keep reading!

Anyways on a color wheel it tells you what colours go good with other colors.
What colors compliment each other omg if you love playing with colors and you have no idea how to make them look good buy a color wheel!! It will change how you use colors!!
Sorry im really excited! :D

OK for Blue eyes: Use Warm Colors ie: Red,Orange,Yellow, colors with those colors in them, think of fire when your trying to remember!

Green eyes: Can use all the warm colors plus purple.

Hazel eyes (well arent you lucky) Goes with almost everything because hazel eyes are like a mish mash of colours so you cant go wrong but I would recommend Browns and pinks!

Brown eyes: Use Cool colors ie: Blue,Green, and Purple. 

Now I know as your reading this your thinking WHAT!? im not putting bright red,green or blue on my eyes im going to look like a clown! hahah. Im talking Shades,tints,tones of those colors 

Example when you add White to Blue it turns into a light blue or when you add Grey (white and black) to blue you get a light smokey blue or when you add black to blue you get navy or dark blue. 
Light blue=Tint of blue
Smokey blue=tone

Dark blue=Shade

For example.

                            Dark blue on outside, medium in the middle and light on the inner corner.

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