Sunday, February 13, 2011

My Introduction!

Hello All!

My name is Catia I'm a stay at home Mom that likes to play with makeup! My interest started when I was a teenager being teased about my dark circles. Sad I know.... but c'est la vie.

I tried so many products and could never get the correct concealer/foundation combination. I did not understand how these damn models and makeup artists made women look so flawless. Why was it so hard for me or anyone else to find the info on how to do it ourselves. The years went on...

Couple of years ago I was looking on YouTube for some makeup tips on how to conceal dark circles and I came across lot's of wonderful women with video tutorials on how to achieve certain makeup looks and How to Conceal dark circles and many other fixes!! YAY!! Every night after that I watched YouTube videos from Michelle Phan to Kandee Johnson and many many more! I just thought wow there are Makeup Angels out there that can help us women feel good about ourselves on the outside!

So then I researched what looks I liked best on myself and wrote down the products on a piece of paper and went to it! I went to Mac, shopped online at coastal scents, and went to walmart and some other places and started trying the looks on myself. I took some picture's posted them on my facebook and people liked what they saw.

Now I do makeup looks on my spare time and am lucky enough to do makeup looks for a good friends makeup company Pure Fusion Mineral Makeup!

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