Sunday, February 13, 2011

How To Apply Eyeshadow!

Here are some steps on how to apply Eyeshadow!

Step 1: Apply your favorite eyeshadow primer ( this is optional depending on how long you want the shadows to last, primers help the shadows from creasing and help them stay on longer and help the colors become more vibrant).

Step 2: If you don't want to use primer you can use any cream eyeshadow of your choice and apply that on the lid to make your eye shadows stick!

Step 3: Apply medium shade of the color of your choice to just the eye lid.

Step 4: Apply a light shade of the same color you have on your lid on the inner corner of your lid  then a darker shade of that color on the outer corner to give some depth.

Step 5: With a clean blending brush blend just where the colors end closest to your crease using windshield wiper motion so there are no harsh lines. You can also use a light brown color instead to give the illusion of a deeper socket. That will also give some depth.

Step 6: Use a vanilla colored shimmery or matte eyeshadow just on the brow bone to highlight.

Lastly not everyone needs to use eyeshadow primers, if you have oily lids then I would invest in one for sure because that will prevent creasing and the muddy effect.

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