Monday, April 4, 2011

Color Correctors

Color Correctors
Ever been in the makeup section and there near the concealers is what looks to be a green lipstick?
haha! It's actually a color corrector. If you apply
that green over red spots on your face that
you don't want to be red the green will Cancel
out the red. They also have a yellow that cancels out purple and orange aka Salmon color corrector that cancels out Blue ( usually used for under eye circles). Don't worry when you apply them on
your face they don't show up as green or yellow! They blend in nicely, then you can just finish your makeup as usual foundation, etc. The way to use the color wheel is to look at the problem colors below ( Blue,Purple,Red) and straight across from the
color you want to fix is the corrector color. Green
cancels Red, Yellow cancels purple, and Orange cancels blue.

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